Body cam footage show police shooting in DC after traffic stop led to foot chase

Updated: May 19, 2022

Body camera footage from a police shooting that happened earlier this month has been released by D.C. police.

It began with a traffic stop on the 1700 block of H Street Northeast on May 9.

The video first appears to show a cordial discussion between the officer and the driver concerning the car’s license plate. After the driver hands over an ID, the officer turns his attention to a passenger in the car. The officer can be heard saying, “What is he doing?” as the passenger appears to move his hand toward the car’s gear shift.

The officer then says, “Don’t do it,” and asks the driver to get out of the car, telling him he’s got his ID. The officer opens the driver’s door from the inside, and the car rolls forward, while the officer repeats “Don’t do it” and “I got your ID.” The car continues to roll forward as the officer yells, “You’re going to lose your job!” before the car finally stops.

The officer approaches the car again and says, “Just get out of the car.” The officer places his hand on the driver’s wrist for a few seconds as the man starts to step out of the car.

Once the driver is out, the passenger can be seen moving into the driver’s seat, and hitting the gas. The car’s engine can be heard revving, but the vehicle didn’t move. This was followed by the officer appearing to try and pull the passenger out of the car as they tell the man to “Get out of the car.”

The footage then shows a foot chase between police and the passenger.

The officer with the camera then can be heard saying, “Man with a gun” and “He’s tossing the gun.” During the call, the camera is blocked by the officer’s hand.

The foot chase then moves into an alley. The officer can be heard yelling at the man to drop the gun. The video shows a gun pointed in the man’s direction, and two shots being fired can be heard.

According to D.C. police, the officer did not hit the passenger who appeared to be on the ground when the shot was fired.

Police said the shot was fired after the officer voiced numerous commands to drop the weapon.

The man being chased then ran off again, and another officer continued to chase after him. The camera on the officer captured the alley and what appears to be a gun on the ground. Police say they recovered the man’s gun on the scene.

The passenger, Aubrey McLeod, 27, of Southeast, was arrested on charges of assault on a police officer while armed, carrying a pistol without a license, felon in possession, possession of unregistered firearm and possession of unregistered ammunition.

The officer is on administrative leave, pending a review of his actions.

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