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At Surveillance Discovery, we recognize that law school equips you with the skills to become an exceptional attorney, not a computer specialist. We offer top-notch trial technicians who specialize in managing the technical elements involved in acquiring, configuring, and utilizing state-of-the-art courtroom technology. This enables you to concentrate on practicing law, leveraging the expertise you’ve gained through your training.

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If you are considering booking a trial tech, please contact us immediately. Advanced notice is required for booking as resources continue to be limited.

Unlock the Power of Multimedia

Multimedia Services

Our highly skilled trial technicians specialize in multimedia integration, seamlessly weaving together various forms of media to create compelling and persuasive trial presentations. From videos and animations to audio recordings and visual aids, we harness the potential of multimedia to convey complex information with clarity and impact.

With our multimedia trial technician support services, legal professionals can rely on our technicians to handle every aspect of multimedia presentation. They possess a deep understanding of audiovisual equipment and software, ensuring flawless setup and synchronization of multimedia elements in the courtroom.

Our technicians excel in video editing and enhancement, transforming raw footage into compelling visual narratives. They have the expertise to enhance video quality, highlight key moments, and add relevant annotations or captions for increased understanding. By utilizing their skills in multimedia editing, our technicians optimize video evidence for maximum impact.

Trial Technicians

Surveillance Discovery’s Trial Technicians are dedicated to providing cutting-edge technological solutions and expert support, enabling seamless evidence presentation, efficient document management, and streamlined courtroom operations. Our mission is to be the trusted partner for attorneys, judges, and legal teams, delivering reliable, accurate, and impactful trial services.

Unlock the Power of Multimedia

Database & Exhibit Preparation

With our database preparation services, we ensure that all evidence, documents, and multimedia files are meticulously organized and easily accessible. Our technicians leverage advanced database management systems to create a centralized repository, allowing for efficient search, retrieval, and indexing of evidence. This meticulous organization eliminates the hassle of sifting through extensive files, saving valuable time during trial preparation.

Additionally, our technicians excel in exhibit preparation, ensuring that all physical and digital exhibits are primed for seamless presentation in the courtroom. They meticulously label, annotate, and digitize exhibits, guaranteeing their clarity and relevance during trial proceedings. Whether it’s photographs, videos, or documents, our technicians ensure that exhibits are prepared to make a powerful impact on judges and juries.

Empowering Trials with Precision & Technology

On-Site Trial Support

During the trial, our on-site technicians take charge of evidence presentation, effectively showcasing documents, photographs, videos, and digital media on screens and monitors. They ensure that the evidence is displayed with utmost clarity, ensuring all courtroom participants can easily view and comprehend the presented information.

In addition to evidence presentation, our trial technicians excel in document management. They assist in organizing and accessing electronic documents, enabling quick retrieval and efficient presentation of crucial information. With their expertise, legal professionals can focus on building their case while our technicians handle the technical aspects of document handling.

Our on-site trial technician support also extends to troubleshooting technical issues that may arise during the trial. Our technicians are well-prepared to swiftly address any technology-related challenges, ensuring minimal disruptions and allowing the trial to proceed smoothly.